Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Suggestions for the computer lab

I was tweeted Gary Stagers post, "Humble Suggestions for the Computer Lab". He has great advice that we each need to heed as we assess our effectiveness as 21st century teachers. Please refer to his post for his thoughts. I have included his main points (with some modifications) and added comments of my own.

  1. Ask yourself each day, “Was what the kids did with computers today good?" "Did it include higher order thinking and was it a transformative use of technology?"

  2. Remember that quality work takes time. The structure of the classroom and the timetable will need to be changed.

  3. Shun ‘software du jour. Have an all encompassing goal like "students will learn to think".

  4. Stop using computer time for non-computing activities. Use the encyclopedias in the library if you need to.

  5. If a kid is breathing, she has probably surpassed the NETS. Real change occurs when you have one achievable, measureable goal, not a shopping list (much like the curriculum?!).

  6. Commit to the entire writing process for digital products. Great digital products like movies and slide shows are based on great writing.

  7. Stop integrating someone else’s curriculum. Commit to your goal (perhaps to have the kids learn to think) and stick to the course, don't deviate for every holiday theme.

  8. Not with my computers you don’t! Demand that appropriate, engaging and transformative technology use is a requirement in your class and in everybody else's too.

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