Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blooms Taxonomy and Technology

Way back in my university days I remember Bloom's Taxonomy and I also remember it had no meaning to me. Perhaps it was the uninspiring professors or my inability to comprehend it's significance. Today, for my classroom, Bloom's is big.

Our school's main PD focus is to have our students understand and perform better in math. Everything I read these days is about higher level thinking and creating as integral processes in learning mathematics. My "community of interest" group's goal is for students to understand and use higher order thinking as learners (and to be knowledge producers).

For a long time, I had described this as teaching thinking rather than researching or following directions. Turns out that in 1956, Bloom had this cased for us. This year has been a very rewarding year for my students and I because for the first time ever, it is a clearly stated goal in my classroom to learn how to think in every single thing we do!

I was sent these links by a good friend Judy Byers. She is a very important part of my PLC. Check them out!

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