Saturday, December 11, 2010

Alan November "meets" Kim Cofino

Kim Cofino took notes from an Alan November keynote presentation in Japan. I saw Alan November present in Saskatoon at the IT Summit three years ago and am using much of what he presented often. He was an integral part of how my class presently operates and my goals for where I would like to be as an educator.

One of the beautiful ideas of 21st century learning is the idea of sharing. How cool is it that Kim attneds a conference in Japan, takes notes and makes them available to me (and everyone!). I plan to use many of the links from her google doc.

This reminds me of a class activity we did the other day. We are developing a list of research and critical questions on the topic of water with our partners in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Six pods of students took a half an hour of class time to create a google doc. It was imperfect, a bit disjointed and unformatted. After we were done a student stayed back from recess to format the document and to add more questions to guide our research. I did not ask her to do this, for her it was fun. Felt a lot like wikipedia to me, for that matter, we could have used a wiki.

Thanks a million Kim, I'll do the same for you when I am lucky enough to be at a conference!


  1. Glad the notes were useful for you! We were very fortunate to have Alan at our school, so fantastic for us that the entire staff got to see his presentation too!

  2. I enjoyed him very much, he was one of the speakers who has been most influential for me. Great to see the progress you are making at your school. Two staff members at our school added you to their delicious accounts. They had previously never heard of social bookmarking.