Saturday, December 18, 2010

Math Class Needs a Makeover: Dan Meyer Classroom 2.0

I just watched the Classroom 2.0 session with Dan Meyer. This was my first Elluminate session and I was just amazed. Make sure you check this link out. I would suggest you watch the whole interview. It has helped me to know how to create higher order math problems for my students.

(photo taken from Dan Meyer's blog)

Some of his main points are:
  • formulation of problem is more important than solution to problem

  • pseudo context or pseudo problems, insulting to students

  • we are fixated by problems on dead trees

  • images used to convey problem should contain structure, steps and hook

  • the hook should be up front

  • roll of tape question, no one doesn't know how to start

  • have more demanding questions

  • build a culture of curiosity

  • most traditional problem solving is impatient problem solving, banging numbers together to get to one right answer

  • new problems should focus on objects of perplexity that pose questions to the viewer

  • photo from the movie "Holes"- the movie, shovel deep and wide. How much dirt? How long? Let them ask the questions. ( see Dan Meyer's blog)

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