Friday, December 17, 2010

Top Ten Ways to Improve Student Achievement and Create Learners: Pam Lowe

I have just read Pam Lowe's, "Top Ten Ways to Improve Student Achievement and Create Learners". Amazing how many of them are goals of our school and our school division. Nice to know that we are well set up for change and success. For details, follow the link. Here is an outline of her top ten:

1. Share a Vision- our vision is that all students will use technology to be knowledge producers

2. Your School Should Be a Change Agent- our school is a technology school within the division

3. Analyze Data- we are collecting data based on our objective

4. Introduce Students to Their Data- students in my room are aware of our schools objective and the data collected

5. Increase Rigor- we are learning about rigor and the levels of rigor

6. Teach Students the levels of rigor- we are teaching our kids the levels of rigor (Bernajean Porter)

7. Expectations- we try to keep our expectations are high

8. Teach Students How to Learn- there is a lot of talk about meta-cognition and think alouds

9. Teachers as Learners Environment- the PLC's are dedicated to making teachers learners

10. Teach Smarter and Not Harder- it is hard to teach smarter, it is a process of change

As I wrote all of the comments for our school, I realize that I have salted in a heavy dose of optimism. Perhaps I'm too easy on our staff?

How does your school rate on the list?

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