Wednesday, November 3, 2010

University courses on-line and exams using google

I love it that M.I.T. offers all of their courses on-line for free. This is such a great idea that announces loud and clear that sharing is the way of the present and future. The New York Times published a post on M.I.T. and others' open, on-line courses. They offer over 2000 courses that anyone can audit for free. Have a look and enjoy!

In another great example of 21st century learning, Danish students are able to use google when writing exams. This seems incredibly simple to do and very practical if you are interested in assessing higher order thinking and not retention of data.

The BBC article goes on to say:

"The internet is indispensible, including in the exam situation. I'm sure that is would be a matter of very few years when most European countries will be on the same line."

In my class, I am using a math curriculum posted on-line by Dan Meyer for my advanced students and I will use the internet for many exams from now on. It is amazing how many useful innovations are available from people sharing on-line. Hope you find it as fun as I do.

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