Saturday, November 13, 2010

David Warlick on xtranormal

I got this video on a tweet from David Warlick, educational blogger and creator of classblogmeister. I have been following him for years as he was a keynote in Saskatoon. I also currently use classblogmeister to host my class's blog. I loved it that the person who introduced me to blogging has never used xtranormal, a program that creates cool animations with text to sound.

I point this out because in this 21st century world of education, it is hard to claim expertise on anything in particular. We are all learners and that is liberating and exciting. I can imagine my humble blog posts helping someone who is not as far along as me. If no one is interested in what I create, I still win as I learned in the process of creating something.

I also like the point he makes, that students need to be connected and information has to flow freely for them to learn freely. Our school boards need to hear this message many times over.

I am blogging and skyping with a class in Mexico. They just got a computer lab in the school and they decided to not install internet connections for the kids' computers in the lab. What the heck would they use them for? This kind of protectionism is amazing to me. I don't know how we could even think of stifling young learners curiousity in such a deliberate way, in the name of caring.

Nice job David. Keep having fun.

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