Saturday, November 6, 2010

12 videos posted by Scott McLeod: Dangerously Irrelevant

I just read a post in Dangerously Irrelevant by Scott McLeod entitled "12 Videos to Spark Educators Thinking". The videos listed on this post are just exceptional for teachers' educational journeys. I would sugggest that you look at each of them and possibly use them for staff PD opportunities! I have included a TED talk by Jeff Jarvis, the author of "What Would Google Do?"
For ease of access, even though I didn't collate the list, I have shown it below:

Sir Ken Robinson, Changing education paradigms (11 minutes)
Sugatra Mitra, The child-driven education (17 minutes)
Clay Shirky, How cognitive surplus will change the world (13 minutes)
Chris Anderson, How web video powers global innovation (19 minutes)
Dean Shareski, Sharing: The moral imperative (25 minutes)
Henry Jenkins, TEDxNYED (18 minutes)
Daniel Pink, Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us (11 minutes)
Dan Meyer, Math class needs a makeover (12 minutes)
Jeff Jarvis, TEDxNYED (17 minutes)
Lisa Nielsen, Response to principal who bans social media (4 minutes)
New Brunswick Department of Education, 21st century education in New Brunswick (6 minutes)
Charles Leadbeter, On innovation (19 minutes)

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