Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Social Action Sites

I was tweeted the fantastic site "Invisible Children" the other day. It reminds me of how the internet brings great hope to our world. I was just at a presentation on violence prevention in school where we were shown a video comparing the world of the 80's with the world of 2010.

I was skeptical as to the point of the video. It seemed to be saying that the world of the 80's was a better, safer place. To me, the beauty of today's world is how there is something available for anyone, no matter what it is. I also think that anyone wanting to make a real positive difference has a greater chance to do so with instant, global communication and social networking.

I have used three main social action sites in my class, and plan on expanding how the students use them to build a better world. Have you seen or used these sites? How do you use them?

Taking it Global


Me to We

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  1. Tremendous lessons Tim, your students are so fortunate to have such an inspiring 21st century teacher.