Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Public Education?

Joe Bower has posted a video on preparing kids for kindergarten tests. Watch the video and be amazed. Is this some people's dream for what school should be?

It reminded me of a speaker at our convention who talked about the importance of public education in society. His name was John Ralston Saul. I did not know him and did not know what to expect. Turns out the guy had given this topic some thought! His main point was that as people spend their money and resources on private education, less time and money will be available for public education. He warned about the increasing lack of social mobility in the U.S., a country founded on the idea that everyone can succeed and that there were no set social classes. (OK, so that was the theory anyway)

An emphasis on private education and kindergarten testing results in further stratification of society and the creation of ghetto schools. Would you want your children to go through this? Who is responsible for maintaining some balance in society and trying to make sure the poor have a shot?

I will never agree to the practice unveiled in this video. I find it quite alarming and sad. Have a look.

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