Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Will Richardson's Hiatus

Will Richardson is back from his Christmas hiatus. I have missed his posts. Welcome back Will. His latest offering is called "The Choices We Make". I love this kind of thing coming from one of my on-line mentors. Please read his short post for his feelings on the time he/we spend on social networking for educational and other reasons.

He gives good advice, or a good warning that we need balance in our lives. He refers to spending hours each day checking twitter. (he mentions using the program proxy to list only the tweets including a link) On-line collaboration is great for educational reasons and it fills a social need as well. More importantly, all of us need to be "in the room" for our families and our students and colleagues. Stephen Valentine's post entitled "9 Reasons to Stop Reading This Post" was also about the need to save emotional capital for the really important things about being an educator.

If on-line collaboration uses up our emotional capital, we need to reassess it's importance in our lives. For the time being my on-line PLN works for me, I will need to keep it in check.

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