Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Digital Storytelling planning guide

I just spent a while planning a digital story telling/immigration/critical thinking unit. I love to do this kind of stuff! My class has been producing digital products for a few years now. I have been trying to achieve the perfect, yet elusive critical thinking product/project for about the same time. I have put my planning template on a wiki for the world to see ( I like to share!). It is included below, check it out and see what you think. Comments are welcome.

It is important for you to know that our school board has been working with Bernajean Porter on higher order thinking (HEAT) and digital story telling. Many of the links are to her digitales page. She has been an inspiration for my work in or class.

1. Introduce topic: “immigration”
Mosques in Alta.
Pier 21

Generate 10 questions

2. Show example digital story telling
View examples

3. Brainstorm components of good digital story telling
Prioritized list
(written list)
Elements of a good digital story

10 components

4. Choose assessment rubric for final product, including written and digital
Cogenerate rubric

5. Brainstorm questions on topic

20 questions minimum (written)

6. Narrow questions to critical question(s)
“Who should we let immigrate to Canada?”
(modern vs. historical)
List 3 critical questions

Critical questions (written)
· Divergent
· Authentic
· Relevant
· Higher order verbs link

7. Web of what we need to know

5 primary questions min.

8. Outline of written product
· Introduction
· Body
· Answering critical question
Critical Question
· Introd.
· 5 paragr.
· Answer CC

Minimum 7 paragraph outline

9. Jot notes, categorized

Jots, own words, categorized, 5-10 bits/category

10. References
List ref.

Five sources

11. First draft
Writing using outline

7 paragraphs, see writing rubric link

12. Editing
Edit 1st draft with classmate/teach.

Evidence of editing, significant improvement

13. Final draft
Time permitting

14. Story board

10 pages

15. Collect media
· Video
· Pictures
· Music
See copyright friendly links
· Images
· Music

16. Digital product
· Photostory
· Onetruemedia
· Other

See co-generated assessment rubric link


  1. This a world-class list to be shared with every citizen of world..i was impressed with this and shared with facebook!! keep writing..

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  2. Chandra,

    glad you liked it, it was fun creating, share, revise and collaborate!