Saturday, January 15, 2011

Best Present Ever

Two of my colleagues got an iPad for Christmas and I will have to ask them to give me a demo. I am sure they are cool and one day I will break down and consider getting one. Maybe I'll wait until the next generation?

My gift for Christmas was a Sony reader. I wasn't sure if I wanted it or not. I used to read a book a week and could hardly the library was one of my favorite places in the world. Recently, I have gotten away from reading for many reasons. I seem to do more reading of short duration. Twitter, blogs, on-line news and articles. I have even been wondering if I am capable of reading a novel anymore since all of my recent efforts have been twitter-like.

Years ago I discovered the secret to reading in my opinion. I don't read books anymore that do not come highly recommended. Reading a bad book is a sure way to take the pleasure out of it for me. I would read the bad book right through and then wouldn't have much motivation for reading for weeks after. If I only read what others had thought worth the read, my chance of getting a great book increased.

Now that I have the reader, I can choose from any number of great books, most of which have reviews on-line. Our public library has a great selection of all types of books to download for free! If I choose one and don't like it, not only does it cost me nothing, but I don't even have to go back to the library to find another. I can also take notes and refer to them later when I am sharing something from the book with colleagues or friends. It is so convenient that I have read three books in the 2 weeks since I got it.

In case you are wondering, my recent reads are:

  1. "Pride and Prejudice"- Jane Austin
  2. "Honeymoon in Tehran"- (AzadehMoaveni)
  3. "Intensity"- (Dean Koontz)
I already have "Blink" (Malcolm Gladwell) lined up to read next. A great gift for the readers in your household!

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