Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jeff Bulas: 10 Reasons your blog gets no traffic

I just read Jeff Bulas' post "10 Reasons Your Blog Gets No Traffic". Bulas gives good advice and I am writing this mainly to direct you to his blog.

As many have said, writing a blog is great for personal reasons beyond building a network. I would do this if next to no one read it. Notice I said next to no one. Blogging for a teacher is a wonderful way to reflect and to chart your learning as a professional. I especially like it because I have documented reading and learning that I can go back to at any time. Of course, I can also refer colleagues to my posts if they are open to it as well.

In short, I love that it is about ideas. The big ideas that make schools great places. I love the day to day work of a teacher and also grappling with ideas for change.

A large network of readers would be great. From Jeff's post, I think I do a number of things well in terms of building my network. I know I have a young blog and am willing to be patient. I post frequently and enjoy doing so. I am building a following of twitter users, yet I have only just entered the world of twitter. I am focused on educational change and yet am branching out into how students learn math. I am proud of my content.

Of the things I could do form his list to expand my network are:
  1. to improve my headlines
  2. look at optimizing people's ability to search for my blog
  3. distribute my content on other social media platforms like facebook
  4. engage others more often by writing comments and direct messages on twitter
Finally, Jeff says that believing in miracles is a reason that your blog doesn't get enough traffic. I definitely am patient and don't believe I will ever have the followers Will Richardson has. I do, however, believe in the day to day miracles that happen in schools when we build relationship with students and community. I also believe in the miracle of schools changing the way students learn by professional collaboration through social networking.

Enjoy the new year.

9. You are not engaging with others

10. You believe in miracles

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