Sunday, October 31, 2010

Metanoia, Ryan Bretag

I have recently added Ryan Bretag's blog to my google reader. He has great posts and I look forward to including him in my learning network. He writies about the recent criticism of American schools on Oprah and "Waiting for Superman". His prescription for American schools includes:

1. We need to address poor teaching and ineffective teachers
2. We need to focus on student achievement
3. We need to create a system that holds schools accountable
4. We need to focus on growing effective educators: teachers and administrators
5. We need to review legacy and archaic concepts that govern too many schools such as the length of the school day, the school calendar, tenure, curriculum, grades, etc.

It is inspiring to me that so many people from all across the world are writing about school reform and coming to many of the same conclusions. I am happy and honored to be in the trenches and in a good position to influence the future of education in my province.

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