Saturday, October 23, 2010

Celebrating Success at Confed: web site design and google readers

Our school is part of a system-wide technology inititative and our school objective is "to have every teacher use technology effectively in two different ways to improve instruction and literacy". Days after getting that objective on the google doc, we are talking about dreaming much bigger. Our new objective may be much broader, describing cultural and structural changes empowering 21st century learners.

Change is fun to watch and it can be infectious. One of our gifted teachers has taken it upon himself to learn how to create a classroom web page. He has chosen wix as the tool. He is beside himself with how easy it is to do and the power to create and communicate. He can hardly wait to show his class and has plans to have his kids all make their own. He will share his success with the staff at this week's staff meeting. I have no doubt that many more teachers will be eager look at what web 2.0 tools mean for their classrooms.

Another classroom is blogging. The goal of which is to read, to communicate in writing and to build a network of learners. To assist them in this we will teach them how to use an RSS feed or google reader. We are very excited to be using a 21st century tool to improve literacy instruction.

It is an honour to work with a team who believe in the potential of each child, able to discuss openly the merits of all ideas, to look towards 21st century innovation and to chart an effective course of learning for each child.

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