Friday, October 15, 2010

Learners in Your School

I have just read David Warlick's blog post, "10+ Ways to Promote a Learning Culture in your School". It contains some great ideas for modelling a learning culture and seems to reflect what Will Richardson told the audience at the IT conference in Saskatoon in 2009. Paraphrased, he said, "If you can't offer your class 21st century learning, the least you can do is to participate as a 21st century learner yourself". Write a blog, make a web page, get a google reader account, collaborate with colleagues on-line, build an on-line network of learners, learn some web 2.0 tools, use social networking, model this for kids!

Warlick's best idea for me is for teachers to reserve a bulletin board or a blog or a wiki that shows the school what they are learning. I have heard so many times the importance of staff being learners themselves. Do your kids teachers qualify as learners, 21st century learners, self-directed, collaborative, creative? Do I? Do you?

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