Friday, October 8, 2010

Give it time, donkey?

I was talking to a colleague of mine who had just read an article in the Globe and Mail about technology and schools. The writer's point was that schools will become 21st century schools in time, no matter what we do to speed it along. Too many people are living with the tools of the 21st century for schools to stay in the dark ages for much longer. Given enough time, schools will adjust accordingly.

This reminds me of a conversation I have had with a friend of mine. I have not seen this friend for a long time and have not asked his permission to use his name, so he will remain nameless. He was a guest presenter at one of my school camps. He was the "traditional knowledge keeper". He was there as an amazingly gifted First Nations teacher. His expertise was based on years of interviewing First Nations elders. I loved his cultural backgound and perspective. He taught us all a lot. We got into a conversation about healing the relationship between First Nations people and non-First Nations people. He told me that he thought that since the wounds in the relationship took two hundred years to acrue, time was the main thing needed for true healing.

Healing for First Nations people will happen. Changing our schools for 21st century learners may well happen if we do nothing but wait for it to evolve. Positive change is coming, perhaps I can hurry it along.

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