Saturday, October 23, 2010

Interview with Will Richardson

Will Richardson is interviewed about education and how it needs to change to keep pace with the world. As he says in his blog, there is nothing too new here. The interview is worth looking at. My favorite point he makes is that we need to rethink how we learn, not just how we teach. Also included:
  • he talks about that we need to experiment with new ways, but that those experiments had better work or it is unfair to the children.
  • assessment in schools and how it doesn't match 21st century skills.
  • we can't wait for 21st century skills assessment to be developed before we teach the skills.
  • Kids need to learn how to learn from the numerous expert sources of information on-line.
  • He talks about 1:1 computing failing because teachers don't dive deeper into the curriculum.
  • internet safety being embedded in the curriculum
  • cultural diversity can come alive using blogs and collaborative sites
  • some students and parents don't want to change as they have the school system figured out. We need to engage people in the conversation about 21st century skills and schools.

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