Thursday, September 30, 2010

PD for Teachers: Will Richardson's great idea

PD for Teachers (Like Students Do It)

I know that I sometimes rely on a few great bloggers for ideas to share. Will Richardson has just come up with the best idea he has had for a while! I love this. I have copy and pasted his words for you to read. I will do this for PD on our staff for sure.

"Here’s an idea for your next PD day around technology (assuming you’ve already started a conversation around social learning tools and curricular change…no small assumption, I know.)

Step 1: Put up a wiki page with a list of interesting tools that teachers might use in the classroom, fairly complete descriptions of what the tool can do, and a few links to great examples of use in the classrooms. Ask teachers to read through the descriptions and sign up for the sessions that interest them. Schedule sessions in rooms with computers and internet access. Only run those sessions that have at least four people signed up for it.

Step 2: When people arrive in the rooms where the sessions are scheduled, write this on the board, whiteboard, smartboard, etc: “YOU HAVE 90 MINUTES. FIGURE IT OUT.”

You have a more effective PD model?

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