Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kim Cofino blogs about technology and curriculum

Kim Cofino is one of my favorite bloggers. She was at a school in Bangkok and now she is in a new position in Japan. I find this refreshing because she is in a new grade 6 classroom teaching a technology course that has never been offered before at that school. Need I mention that she is a keynote speaker for the 2011 K-12 on-line conference. Even the most accomplished people have to start over again from time to time. I think she is having fun with this!!

Her post is about a self study where their IT group got together and came up with ideas as to how technology should be integrated with curricula. They came up with the following list. She has asked for our/your advice on which are the essential ones. Please go to her blog to help her out. I have highlighted in bold what I think are the most important ones.

1.Curriculum design and delivery are consistent with the school’s technology philosophy, objectives and policies.

2.Written curriculum materials specify expected learning outcomes for meaningful technology integration.

3.The curriculum encourages students to leverage technology resources to meet the needs of their learning styles.

4.The curriculum emphasizes the responsible use of social media to promote digital citizenship.

5.The curriculum includes technology rich experiences articulated horizontally and vertically.

6.There is clear designation of responsibility for effective and well articulated integration of technology into the curriculum.

7.The curriculum provides opportunities for students to utilize technology to document and reflect on their learning over time as a means to promote life long learning.

8.The school provides PD to promote new ideas and approaches to effective technology integration.

9.Teachers manage digital learning environments to engage students in collaboration with others beyond classroom walls.

10.Current technology resources are provided to promote effective teaching and learning.

11.Sufficient academic technology professionals are assigned to facilitate effective technology integration.

12.Sufficient technical and infrastructure specialists are assigned to support effective technology integration.

13.Social and ethical use of technology & information is clearly defined and communicated to students and parents.

14.Staff members consider current technological advances in revising curriculum and instruction.

OK, so you think I'm messing with you? I could not find a single item that didn't deserve bold in my mind. Can you? Let Kim know if you can.

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  1. Thanks Tim for your feedback here and in your comments on Dean Shareski's recent blog post about highlighting lesser known bloggers :)