Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why I need to give my students more choice starting Monday

Joe Bower posted this video called "The Race to Nowhere". I thought I wouldn't watch it, did anyway. I am always enthused hearing Alfie Kohn speak. I needed the reminder and pep talk to give my kids more choice as to how they learn. I needed the reminder that John Abbott and Alfie Kohn were the first ones to really get my attention on changing the classroom and the structure of education.

I plan to finish the year with a critical thinking project where the kids can study what they want to study. Every teacher knows that you have to be insanely determined and prioritize things in your classroom if they are going to get done. I need to refocus and reprioritize!

I need to convince my school and my colleagues to change the structure of schools so that real engagement and relevant learning can flourish.

Race to Nowhere: Atlanta Panel Discussion from Vicki Abeles on Vimeo.

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