Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Project Business

For 13 years now, we have run a unit called "Project Business". We try to teach our classes the basics of running a business; creating a product or service, determining unit cost, price and profit, marketing, accounting, customer service, making change and more. It is one of the most enjoyable experiences we have in the classroom because it is realistic, relevant, engaging and empowering for my students. I do not grade their work as the amount of money they make and the satisfaction they get from their hard work is a more authentic measure.

Their businesses are open for 1 1/2 school days and a 1 1/2 hour period during the evening for the community to take part.

I have included the results from this years project so that you can see what the students have done. We are quite proud of their efforts and happy that they are rewarded financially and with satisfaction for all of their hard work.

This year I heard that another teacher is doing a version of the same project in their class. As part of the marketing part of the unit, the kids will be asked to produce a video advertisement promoting their product and these are shown to the school at an assembly. What a great idea. We will have to consider doing the same next year.

This made me wonder, what other great ideas to improve this project are out there? Does anybody else do the same sort of thing? Please feel free to comment on this blog with your ideas. If you want to try this project yourself leave me a comment and I will publish a link to all the planning templates. A little collaboration goes a long way!

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