Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dean Shareski coming to IT Summit in Saskatoon

I am so excited about the IT Summit in Saskatoon, May 9th and 10th. Dean Shareski is a home grown educator and a leader in the field of 21st century learning. He is such an accomplished speaker and always is entertaining. He presented at Elk Island this last week and posted his entire presentation on his blog. I love the way that so many people are prepared to share their ideas on-line. I'm sure he spent hours on the presentation and it is well worth looking at. I commented on his blog post and look very much forward to seeing him here soon!!

One thing that caught my attention from his slideshare presentation was the youtube video that I have pasted below. His presentation has many interesting components. I love this particular clip because it is an example of how easy it is to share learning and successes with teachers around the world. How hard could it have been to make this video and then to post it for the benefit of all.

Just tonight I was at my son's soccer game and chatted with a good friend and fellow teacher. He shared with me the exciting things happening in his school with his young, enthused staff in the way they were using computers for learning and assessment. If each school made a 5 minute video like this, imagine what we all could learn!

Enjoy the video and consider doing the same with the staff from your school, ours will be on this blog soon!

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