Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Bloggers: Don't Be Discouraged!

Will Richardson- Nov., 2001
David Warlick- Nov., 2005
Allan November- Aug., 2006
Dan Meyer- Sep., 2006

If you are new to blogging and are wondering if you are making any headway, if you are communicating effectively, if you are doing good work, have a look at 4 of my favorite bloggers past work. I used the way back machine or the archives on their sites to read their first post on that particular platform.

I was secretly hoping to find that their early work was not as good as their work is now. I would have to say that each of them had lots to offer "way back", especially if you take into account that the blogging platforms have improved a lot since 2001. Some of the ideas that Will Richardson was talking about are very similar to what he talks about now.

The message I get from this is to keep blogging, to keep sharing. Hope I can convince others in my school division to do the same. On that note, I am planning to have guest bloggers in the next few weeks writing on thinking in their classroom and changing the structure of the classroom to meet the needs of 21st century learners.

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