Sunday, August 1, 2010

Building Knowledge for Using Technology Effectively to Transform Learning

“Developing knowledge is a primary activity for most project teams. They view training to be instrumental in the success of new processes, systems and job roles.” (“ADKAR: a model for change in business, government and our community”, Hiatt)

Having created awareness and desire within your stakeholders for using technology effectively to transform learning, training and PD is the next step to implement change. According to Hiatt, the type and level of training will be dependent on:

1. current knowledge level
2. capacity to learn
3. availability of resources
4. access to needed information

As the change management team provides resources and information, the knowledge level and, arguably, the capacity to learn of the stakeholders will increase.

Schools (all stakeholders) wishing to use technology effectively to transform learning will need:

1. Training and education on the skills and behaviors needed to change

a. How to use technology tools to transform learning

2. Detailed information on how to use new processes, systems and tools

3. Understanding of the new roles and responsibilities associated with the change

a. How the classroom will look differently than it did before, what will the students and professionals do differently?
b. What products will be produced by the students?
c. What will assessments look like in the changed classroom?

Some of the methods used to train stakeholders are:

1. Effective training and education programs

a. Professional development in and out-of-school

2. Job aides

a. Visiting other classrooms
b. Peer coaching

3. One-on-one coaching

a. Peer coaching
b. Tutoring

4. User groups and forums

a. Professional learning communities on-line and in school (communities of practice Etienne Wenger)

Having created awareness, desire and provided training for knowledge for using technology effectively to transform learning, stakeholders are ready to develop the ability to implement change.

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