Saturday, April 9, 2011

Purposeful Work: Alan November TED Talk

Watch Alan November's TED Talk from March this year. He is quite a compelling speaker. I always come away with something big.

His main points I will take away are:

  1. My class should look different. Kids need to find a problem in their world, figure out a way to solve it and find out what technology they need to solve the problem (not the other way around).
  2. Students need to add value to our world because they own the problem. They need to leave a legacy. Too much of our school work is without purpose.
  3. I need to direct more kids to! Students would rather publish for the world than write for their teacher.
  4. Social learning is under-stated.
  5. Students should go to staff development activities.
  6. We all need to reach the tipping point, where we realize that the kids should be working harder than the teachers.
Alan is definitely one of the most influential educators in my network.

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