Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ethnocide: The purposeful destruction of cultural diversity on the planet

My good friend Jennifer Hingley sent me two TED Talks and they (like her!) are just amazing. I love the learning one can do from your own living room. I have so much to learn.

Are you teaching culture in your classroom? Chances are you are or will. You can't not show this TED Talk. I previously wrote about the plight of Big Bear and his people who wouldn't sign the treaties and the damage/destruction to indigenous culture.

Have you ever thought that what happened in Canada in 1880 had nothing to do with you? Watch this video by Wade Davis and get a picture of what is happening in the world at this moment. I couldn't stop what happened to our First Nations people 150 years ago. What can I, must I do right now to prevent the purposeful destruction of cultural diversity (ethnocide)?

See the other TED Talk on my post called "Owning History".

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