Saturday, July 10, 2010

Creative Communication

I came across this poem by posted on Joe Bower's blog. For a long time now I have been preaching to everyone who would listen that creativity was a new skill or competency in 21st century schools. It seems strange to tell a great traditional teacher that the internet allows greater opportunity to create. I feel like I need to explain why this is to them and to justify it to myself as well. The fact that you are reading this blog is testament to the fact that I am creating and loving it! Anyone can create and publish for the world to see. Does it matter that no one views or reads it? I get such a rush of fun and feel empowered by the process of blog writing.

Of course, for me, the basis of it is learning. I have to learn something to create something. The internet age allows me to learn about any topic and then add my slant on things. Kind of an intellectual mash-up, building on existing knowledge or creativity, even if it it miniscule (or even meaningless) at times.

I love Mali's poem as it illustrates one of the many ways the internet has allowed people to communicate their ideas. The content of the poem is a wonderful commentary on the modern idiosyncrasy's of the English language. Shakespeare may roll over in his grave, I think it's funny.

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